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Brahmakumari's Gywnmanthan Studio Established in 2014 under the guidence of Rajyogi shree Karuna Bhai Ji and Rajyogi Shree Nirwair Bhai Ji. With the blessings and kind support of Shree Karuna Bhai Ji, Rajyogi Shree Vijay Shankar Bhai ji blessed by true gyan of brahmakumari and he started to offer his service through technology. He created BK's youtube channel by the name of Baba Bk Production. This youtube channel is providing Amritvela Meditation, Senior Brothers Classes, Gyanmanthan programme for kumari's, etc.

In 2021 another youtube channel and app is created by the name of 'Gyanmanthan' 2021 is a big year for Gyanmanthan Studio ! We specialized in capturing photos, music recording of bk's song and shooting of bk's movies.

Gyanmanthan Studio has a spacious, stunning control room tuned specifically for the smooth speakers, which sound incredible. It's the kind of stunning control studio, where you can really hear every little change you make to your mix and your mixes not only sound great here, but they also sound great when you leave here. We have a beautiful large performance room, with a warm big room sound too. Studio's endeavor to ensure that every home recived the practical spritual wisdom through technology which connect collective conscinious. Nested in Shantivan,Mount Abu Rajasthan. Studio trying to offer immense service under the guidence of Rajyogi Karuna Bhai ji.

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Amritvela meditation

Amritvela is commonly known as early morning meditation. As one sits in meditation and in contemplation of God, one is able to taste the nectar, the sweetness, of this divine relationship and take sustenance to empower the self

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